Thursday, April 19, 2012

Solo Dead Mines....

What lvl can one solo the Dead Mines, im lvl 40, just looking to grind some blue drops and wool/linen. Have done it once as part of a group, but can't remember what lvl the end boss/mobs are?|||You are *way* above the level needed to solo deadmines. I think I've heard of people at 30 doing it.|||Yeah you will be able to do that at 40. I cant remember what level the end bosses are off the top of my head, but it shouldnt be a problem for a level 40. Just be slightly careful ;)|||Lvl 20 Elite is the highest lvl...helps to search before one asks the question lol!!

Are there any other instances i could solo at lvl 40, Gnomer(thingy)?|||I've also been considering giving Deadmines a solo go, I have a level 26 hunter, that's too low right? Is 30 about the minimum level needed?|||yeah I suggest doing Dm when you hit 40.

I remember doing it on my Paladin at lvl 38 and I got to the room with the Forge, and those Goblins Spawned so many robots that It wasnt funny.

I had to Blow LoH

:^(|||My favorite solo at 40 is Shadowfang Keep. It's a bit of work, but a really good time.

The wolf room is the toughest, btw - just before Arugal (for my hunter, way back when I was still playing him).

Back before the expansion, I used to solo Deadmines for easy money. The set that drops in there is still very popular amongst rogues, and they always seem to have plenty of cash... The parrot pet that drops is also fairly popular.

Get [item]Cookie's Tenderizer[/item], and you'll have a great cooking utensil also.|||At 40 you should be able to solo:

Deadmines (Westfall)

Wailing Cavern (Barrens)

Shadowfang Keep (Silverpine Forest)

Blackfathom Depths (Ashenvale)

Stockades (Stormwind) (If Alliance)

Ragefire Chasm (Orgrimmar) (If Horde)

Parts of Gnomergon (Dun Morogh)

and Parts of Razorfen Kraul (Barrens)|||um.... guys id love to see a lvl 40 holy priest solo deadmines.|||Quote:

um.... guys id love to see a lvl 40 holy priest solo deadmines.

Picking a specific build for a specific class and pointing that it doesn't necessarily have the capability to do something, does not in any way invalidate that people at that level from other classes & builds could. In other words, the specific case is trumped by the general case.

Without knowing what class/build the OP is, of course.

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